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Stockport Drug and Alcohol Services

Supporting people, changing lives


Aimed at young people aged 25 and under, MOSAIC provide drug and alcohol treatment as well as support for those young people whose parents misuse substances.


Treatments offered include counselling and substitute prescriptions as well as complementary therapies like therapeutic massage, reflexology and acupuncture.


MOSAIC have workers based in Stockport schools which allows young people to speak about their drugs and alcohol experiences and fears freely and in confidence.

Family and Friends

MOSAIC supports young people and adults of any age who are worried about someone else’s substance misuse.

MOSAIC’s services are free and confidential and can help young people change their behaviour, their thinking and, in many cases, their lives.

Contact MOSAIC on 0161 218 1100.


Poem by MOSAIC Service User

It’s not all fun and games

When people care about u and u don’t care about them

But you know they care 4 u

It’s not fun and games 4 them

They see how you change 4 the worst

And they can’t do nothing ‘bout it

The only person who can is u

And until you see how much they care

U will do nothing at all about it

And keep doing what ur doing

Until one day it bites you

Then that’s when u can really see u have a problem

And that’s not fun and games 4 u!

That’s when u know u need help

And only then can u really ask 4 help

Off the people who care 4 u